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Gourmet Girl on the Go

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Catered Events Cocktail Parties, Dinner Parties, BBQs, Lunches & Brunches
Catering Services Private Chef, Picnics, Gourmet Shopping

Gourmet Girl on the Go specializes in small customized events, offering Private Chef Services, Hands on Cooking Classes for Kids & Adults, Culinary Tours in Aspen & Abroad, Gourmet Hiking / outdoor experiences and whatever other Foodie event you can imagine.

Call them to cater your special event - the perfect dinner party, cocktail party, BBQ, Picnic or family get together.Choose one of their favorite menus or create your own. For added culinary adventure, book a Hands on Cooking Class, Gourmet Hike, Culinary Tour or order one of their delicious picnic baskets.